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​Antonella Axisa

 Actress / Presenter / Voice-Over Artist

 Represented by Lucky Star International Talent Agency 

Voice Over Artist

High-quality voiceovers     Quick turnaround      Own studio      Various languages      Versatile voice


Antonella is a trilingual voice over artist working in Maltese, English and Italian. She also speaks excellent French and good Spanish, and can record in different accents. Voiceovers will be catered to clients' specific needs after discussing the desired outcomes, and recordings are delivered in a short amount of time. She also offers translation services to English and Maltese from English, Maltese, French, Italian and Spanish. 

Her clients span all sectors: public, private and agencies, and include Vodafone, McDonalds, HSBC, Glaxo-Smith Klein, Airmalta, APS Bank, Melita, Malta International Airport, Teatru Manoel, Jesmond Mizzi Finance, Atlas Insurance, Malta National Aquarium, Bridgepoint, Carmelo Delia, Valletta2018, VAT Department,, Malta Fashion Week, among many more. She records from her home studio in Malta with professional equipment.

Services provided include: Radio & TV Commercials, Advertisements, Telephone Prompts, Message-on-Hold (MOH), IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Corporate Videos & Presentations, Educational Resources, Audio Books, Cartoon, Anime, Video Games, Virtual Assistant, ADR, Internet Voiceover jobs and more.

EN Voicereel - MIXAntonella Axisa
00:00 / 01:26
HSBC Fusion Video
Language: English
MT Voicereel - MIXAntonella Axisa
00:00 / 01:49
HSBC Fusion
Language: Maltese
Croce Bonaci Caterers Voiceover
Language: English
Online Maltese DictionaryVoiceover
Language: Maltese
Valletta Strategy Voiceover
Language: Maltese
Bosch Appliances Voiceover
Language: English
ITechnoGaming Corporate Voiceover
Language: English
Careers Week Voiceover
Language: Maltese
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