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​Antonella Axisa

   Actress / Presenter / Voice-Over Artist


Antonella's showreel contains clips from various short films, a TV series, a music video and more in English, Maltese and French and a couple of different English accents. Remember to watch it in HD. Enjoy! 


​​​Antonella is a versatile multilingual professional actress with acting experience and training in London, Los Angeles, Brussels, Malta and more. She is trilingual Maltese-English-Italian because of her background and can speak excellent French and Spanish. With a penchant for accents, she loves creating characters for film and theatre through the use of her voice and body.



Recent activities
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Recent achievements


Antonella has been very busy doing theatre in 2019. In March she played the role of 'Rosse' in Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' directed by acclaimed UK director Clive Judd. The 'Scottish play' was performed at Malta's national treasure, the Baroque Teatru Manoel, and was co-produced by Teatru Manoel and Unifaun Productions.

In April Antonella was the Festival Director for the 'Trikki Trakki Youth Theatre Festival' organised by the national theatre company Teatru Malta. The festival included 6 different shows inspired by classic theatre texts directed by top local directors. The festival was a huge success, both with the young participants and with the audiences who watched.

The second play for 2019 was 'Pope Joan' about the legendary first and only female Pope. Antonella played four different parts, including young Joan's mum, the Bishop's lover and the bossy wife of Rome's main physician. The play was produced by Malta's National Theatre company, Teatru Malta and directed by German director Irene Christ. 

Back in September 2018, Antonella performed the role of Martiża in a memorable production of the play 'Boulevard' by Malta's national playwright Francis Ebejer. Originally written and performed in 1964, this absurdist play was revived on the 25th anniversary of Francis Ebejer's death and was performed at the Manoel Theatre. This was a Teatru Malta and Teatru Manoel co-production.

Antonella recorded various voiceovers for a documentary, for a cartoon, and various commercials for national and international companies. She records voiceovers regularly at her home studio. 

In March 2018, Antonella played the role of Kate Stockmann in 'En Folkefiende - An Enemy of the People' by Brad Birch: "Antonella Axisa’s Kate Stockman, Tom’s wife, comes across as loyal and defensive, but also concerned about their future, and keeps her brother-in-law Peter and her own brother Morten Kill in check, in spite of their both having vested interests in the town spa and the surrounding land. Axisa also sustained the tension..." (The Times of Malta, 14/03/18)


Antonella performed the role of Dr Paola Baldini in the play Moving Mountains performed at Spazju Kreattiv, St James Cavalier, Valletta. Audience reactions were very positive as the story was a very emotional and human one that many could relate to.

The TV Programme 'Paġna minn Ktieb' continues to be aired on Maltese National TV station TVM. Every week she reads excerpts from different books by local authors. On the National Book Council's Facebook page the programme also includes interviews with the authors of the books she reads from. 

The character of Ashley in Ħbieb u Għedewwa grows in popularity with more and more episodes and adventures with her patient flatmate Kristianne. Thousands of viewers tune in everyday to watch this ever-popular soap opera everyday.

In February 2017, Antonella travelled to the biggest short film festival in the world, the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival to promote her short film 'Marbut'. 

Antonella started a collaboration with a Maltese fittings company called 'Bridgepoint'. She'll be the brand ambassador for a year. Her collaboration continues to date (2019).

In August 2017 Antonella filmed her short 'Marbut', which was supported by the Malta Film Commission's Malta Film Fund. She is producing the film and also playing Julie, one of the 2 main characters. The short is now in post-production. 

Antonella shot a photo commercial for an opticians company called O'Hea Opticians which appeared on billboards all over Malta. Have a look at the billboard here

At the Malta TV Short Film Festival Awards Ceremony, Antonella presented the Best Actor award to Mark Doneo for his performance in Ambivalent. At the same awards ceremony, the short 'Alicia' in which Antonella plays Alicia's mum Lucy Wilson won the Best Production Design award. Photos here.

The legendary Spanish theatre company 'La Fura dels Baus' are doing workshops leading to a workshow for Notte Bianca Valletta and Antonella is part of the team of creators that will be performing this workshow on 7 October. See some photos of the workshop here.

During his new TV programme called Prime Time, presenter and TV personality Owen Bonnici interviewed Antonella about her life and career. See some photos before the shoot here.

Antonella just finished interpreting the role of the first female Police Commissioner in the cabaret/musical show 'Balzunetta Towers'. The project was supported by the Valletta 2018 Capital of Culture Foundation and included some heavy-weight names like Teatru Malta Artistic Director Sean Buhagiar who directed the show, ex Maltese Prime Minister and author Alfred Sant who penned the script, Arts Council Malta Chairman and poet Albert Marshall, music by veteran jazz musician and composer Dominic Galea and a stellar cast. The 6 sold out shows were a success and audiences gave great feedback on the spectacle. 

Antonella recorded a voiceover with Motion Blur for a clothes retail outlet.

Work has started on the pre-production phase of the short film 'Marbut' (Tied Up). Antonella is the producer, co-screenwriter and actress in the short film which received funding by the Malta Film Commission through its Malta Film Fund. 

Filming has resumed for the 4th season of TV series 'Ħbieb u Għedewwa'. A lot of filming will take place over the summer, in between work on 'Marbut' and those rare occasions to enjoy the sun and sea. 

Antonella played the part of the nurse in Chris Zarb's short film 'The Last Grain'. You can view the film here: https://vimeo.com/215490066

Chris is a very talented film-maker and hopefully there'll be more collaborations in the future.


She recently recorded voiceovers for commercials and videos for brands like HSBC, Vileda, various government organisations and Emirates.


Antonella's TV programme 'Xi qrajt dan l-aħħar?' is receiving many positive reviews from viewers and she continues to present it every week. Episodes can be watched here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDpbpC80dZ4-WzFR4j2yww

Antonella will soon be producing her own short film called 'Marbut'. She got awarded funds from the Malta Film Fund and will soon enter pre-production phase.

The TV series 'Ħbieb u Għedewwa' which airs everyday on Television Malta remains a favourite with afternoon audiences and comments from the public are very positive about her character Ashley. 

Antonella will be part of an ensemble of actors who will be featured in a foreign film which will be filming in Malta over November and December 2016. 

November will be a busy month for Antonella as she's presenting various events at the Malta Book Festival taking place between 9-13 November. She's also looking forward to performing the short devised play for young audiences taking place in the mornings of the festival.

Antonella just filmed a promo video for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, the charity initiative of McDonalds Malta. It was filmed by Maka Visuals at the infinite white studio of Twenty13 productions and with Sean Aquilina as DOP, it's bound to look great.

Antonella filmed a lovely scene with Pauline Quirke, Linda Robson and Lesly Joseph from the classic British sitcom 'Birds of a Feather'. The trio were incredibly funny and nice to everyone on set in Malta and the bond there is between these great actresses is very strong. Antonella was very proud to have worked with such talents!

In the beautiful setting of the Valletta Grand Harbour, Antonella presented the prestigious Malta Jazz Festival this year. The incredible line-up of artists who performed included Grammy-award winning Snarky Puppy, Marcus Roberts, Bill Evans Band, Harold Lopez Nussa and many more.  

Antonella just finished filming a commercial for an insurance company with production company Motion Blur. She played a mum at 5 different stages of her life and her son grew up 4 times in a day! Fantastic crew on board too.

Her voice can now be heard on the telephone prompts of a large company, since she recently recorded the welcome message and options prompts that greet callers who contact the company.

Antonella played the role of Mrs Lucy Wilson, Alicia's mum in the short film 'Alicia' produced by Motion Blur Productions. The film received funding from the Malta Film Commission's Malta Film Fund and will be out next year. 

Antonella has been busy with voiceovers for various companies and entities in Malta and abroad,  in English, Maltese and Italian.


Malta's national TV station TVM renewed the programme Antonella hosts for the National Book Council called 'Xi qrajt dan l-aħħar?' (What have you been reading lately?) for another 30 episodes and filming is ongoing. It airs every Monday before the 8pm news. You can watch the episodes here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDpbpC80dZ4-WzFR4j2yww

April-May 2016


Antonella's role as Ashley in the TV series 'Ħbieb u Għedewwa' airing on Malta's National TV station Television Malta will continue in the series' third season. Ashley's character is quite special, to say the least, and her storylines are always very colourful. 


Antonella reprised her role as Gina in 'Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ' at the Aurora Theatre in Gozo, after its full-houses success at the Manoel Theatre.  The public on Malta's sister island received the play very well and the response was great.


Antonella recorded a few voiceovers for a couple of big companies recently and her voiceover work is continuous. Those regular voice exercises are bearing their fruit.


Antonella played the role of Christine in the short film 'In-Nassa' directed by Emerson Vella. She was very happy to work with verterans Joe Quattromani and Karmen Azzopardi for the first time. For those who don't know, Ms. Azzopardi is the Maltese equivalent of 'Dame Judi Dench' in the UK and she was very proud to have worked with her on set.


January-March 2016


Antonella has just finished playing her role of Gina to eight full-houses at Malta's National Theatre, the Manoel Theatre. She played the very challenging character in the new piece of writing by the best-selling Maltese author Simon Bartolo called "Ħabbilni Ħa Nirbaħ" (roughly translated as "Preggers Winners"), directed by Sean Buhagiar and produced by Staġun Teatru Malti.  


A commercial which she filmed for the Responsible Gaming Foundation started airing on Maltese National TV station TVM. You can watch it here: 



She's been busy doing voice-overs for various government organisations, foundations and private companies.


Her TV programme airing every Monday on the Maltese National station TVM is very succesful and viewers have been giving great feedback. You can watch the episodes here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCRDpbpC80dZ4-WzFR4j2yww



November-December 2015


Antonella is appearing regularly in the soap opera 'Ħbieb u Għedewwa' (Friends and Enemies) airing on Maltese national TV station TVM everyday at 14:50 - the public's response to Ashley has been great and her unique character traits haven't gone unnoticed!


Antonella is presenting a short TV programme on Maltese national TV station TVM for the National Book Council called "Xi Qrajt Dan l-Aħħar?" (What have you been reading lately?). She's been interviewing writers, poets and people involved in the literature field like Trevor Żahra, Clare Azzopardi, Charles Casha, Walid Nabhan and Adrian Grima about what they've been reading recently. 


Antonella was busy writing and featuring in a series of videos and commercials for a commissioned project about Unionisation together with Outlook Coop, UHM and Stargate Studios. The videos and commercials have been airing in the past weeks on various Maltese TV and radio channels and the response was very good.



Rest of 2015


Antonella hosted an event called 'Short Films Under the Stars' for Euro Media Forum on the 27th September at Villa Bologna, Malta. Attendance was great and everyone approached the organisers to congratulate them for the succesful night. Cheers to more nights like this!  


In June, Antonella started filming for one of the most popular Maltese TV series called "Ħbieb u Għedewwa" (Friends and Enemies). She's playing a series regular which promises to be quite popular and her episodes will start airing around the end of October on Malta's National TV station TVM.  Exciting times! 


Antonella is very busy with voice overs for radio and TV commercials, as well as for instruction videos.


During the month of May, Antonella played the character of Shana in the play 'Sibna ż-Żejt', a socio-political satire in Maltese that was performed at the prestigious Manoel Theatre, Malta's National Theatre. 


Recently, Antonella recorded a series of radio ads for McDonalds together with Colin Fitz at Foreface Studios


While in Los Angeles between January and April, Antonella signed up with the LA-based talent agency Tangerine Talent. She is very excited to work with Sueanne Edan as her agent and she's positive that this will be a very fruitful relationship.


In Los Angeles, Antonella experienced the full life of an LA actor. She filmed 2 roles in 2 short films, attended classes at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio (with the support of the Malta Arts Fund), audited classes and workshops, auditioned and  networked with industry professionals.


The feature film 'Kidnapping Mr. Heineken', in which Antonella plays the role of the mistress of the titular role of Freddy Heineken (opposite Sir Anthony Hopkins) premiered in early March 2015.